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manufacturing capBelow are some of the manufacturing capabilities of Dan-Loc Group:

  • Cutting – High-speed band saws cut threaded bar to discrete bolt lengths.
  • Threading – roll form threading, cut threading, and oversize tapping of nuts for coatings.
  • Blast Cleaning – coiled steel bar is blast cleaned before drawing.
  • Wire Drawing – draws and shears to length discrete bolt lengths.
  • CNC machining – lathes, mills.
  • Materials Analysis – all incoming raw material is positively identified using X-ray fluorescence technology.
  • Metals Physical Properties Analysis – Dan-Loc Group’s onsite laboratory performs tensile, charpy, and proof load testing of products.
  • Hardness Testing – Rockwell, Brinell, and eddy current hardness evaluations.
  • Heat Treating/Modifying – Dan-Loc Group operates three furnaces: capacity: 3,000 lbs./hr.
  • Coating/Plating – zinc, cadmium, moly disufide, chrome, silver, gold, Xylan®, Xylar®, Teflon®, and other specialty plating/coating.


“Specials” are defined as manufactured bolts or other products whose final configurations are non-traditional with respect to industry association standards featured by ASTM, SAE, or ASME. They may consist of atypical diameters, lengths, or other attributes such as hex flats, milled surfaces, grooves, contours, special threads, or any number of geometric variations from traditional products that involve custom manufacturing cap 2engineering. They also may require fabrication from exotic materials, include unique coatings, are subjected to specialized treatments such as shot peening, require rigorous engineering focus, or exhibit a variety of characteristics that do not fall neatly within the definition of standard products. Dan-Loc Group is capable of manufacturing these special products in addition to its standard product offerings.